Green Tea - Is Green Tea Good For You?

The studies are in - green tea is officially good for you. It has many condition benefits, especially if you drink five or more cups a day. Green tea seems to contribute exquisite benefits for your heart and cardiovascular system, your brain, and for weight control.

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Many other claims have been made for the condition benefits of green tea too, specifically as a protector against cancer.

Green Tea And Cancer - Is Green Tea Protective Against Cancer?

Green Tea - Is Green Tea Good For You?


It's tempting to believe that green tea can act as a protector against cancer, any way the studies are mixed. While green tea does truly have action against cancer cells in the laboratory, much more research needs to be done. However, the antioxidants in green tea are very good for you, and are a good speculate for switching to green tea from other beverage.

Green Tea - Is Green Tea Good For You?

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