Insanity Workout characterize - Does It Work?

If you have stumbled upon this review, then you are probably wondering to yourself, "Insanity Workout, does it work"?

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I am going to tell you a slight about the agenda as well as my touch with it.

My background

Insanity Workout characterize - Does It Work?

I unmistakably purchased what I opinion was going to be just someone else unintelligent workout agenda about 4 months ago. I was starting to put on some extra weight at the start of the holiday season, and wanted to stay in shape so I wouldn't have to crash diet when summer was about to start. I am a 32 year old female. I am practically 5'4 and currently weigh about 123lbs thanks to this insane workout. I am very complicated in the Zumba fitness society and love a good cardio workout.

However, since I have had a boyfriend, I guess you can say the "happy" bug set in and I was not applying myself as much as I should have to maintaining my body. In the starting of November when I noticed that my size 26 jeans were not fitting me anymore, I started to diet and practice more. Zumba was great, but was not giving me the intense workout that I needed.

Insanity Workout characterize - Does It Work?

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